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Thank you for applying to become a Lead School with Leicestershire Music Hub.

Leicestershire Music Hub (LMH) is looking to appoint Lead Schools, to work in partnership with them, to support and enhance the music education provided to children & young people in Leicester City and Leicestershire. The NPME (National Plan for Music Education) sets out that Lead Schools should exemplify high-quality music teaching and champion best practice in their area. We are looking for at least 1 Primary, Secondary and Special school in both Leicester City and Leicestershire County local authority areas. 

Q2Please tick as appropriate
Q3What following areas of the NPME do you feel that your school excels in the most and could therefore be best placed to support others 
(Please tick as many as you feel are appropriate)
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Q5I confirm that I have emailed the following documents to LMTraining@leics.gov.uk
- A supporting letter from SLT  
- A supporting letter from the governors 
- A supporting letter from the Multi Academy Trust (if appropriate) 
- One or more case studies on how the school has worked in partnership with another organisation and the impact of this 
- An up to date School Music Development Plan 
Q6We understand that should we become a Lead School we will: 
- Attend, and host on a rota, termly Lead School planning meetings to help shape and design activity that will benefit the schools in the Hub Lead Organisation (HLO) area 
- Attend termly network meetings and the LM Music Educator’s Conference (Free Of Charge) 
- Keep an up to date reporting and impact record 
- Complete a minimum of one case study each year 
Q7We understand that should we become a Lead School our work will be recognised through a variety of ways to include: 
- Recognition as a Lead School with exemplary music education provision, to include exposure on LMH social media 
- An in-kind model of flexible/negotiated remuneration with additional partial paid cover release as appropriate and based on need and available budget 
- Where appropriate, one-off financial support for bespoke projects may happen 
- Lead Schools may be invited to represent LMH at local events, national events, conferences, or other hub-related activities 
- A memorandum of understanding will be prepared between the Lead School and LM 

Thank you for your application.

One of the team will be in contact to let you know the outcome of your application on 3rd May.

Please do not forget to click the 'Submit' button once you are happy with your application otherwise your application will not be received.  

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