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This year your child is taking part in a Leicestershire Music teaching programme, where Leicestershire Music staff deliver a Whole Class Instrumental Lesson (WCIT) within your child's school. At Leicestershire Music we strongly believe that musical instruments are meant to be played and we actively encourage all musicians to play their instrument as much as possible between lessons. So in addition to the lessons in school we also allow instruments to be taken home.

Just as leaving homework unattended near the family dog is a risk, we also know that accidents can happen, instruments can be lost or even stolen - and that can be a worry.  To take the stress away and let you focus on supporting your young musician with their musical learning, we offer complimentary insurance cover.

Our Insurance if completely free (even if you need to make a claim*) and covers the instrument for the duration that it is on loan to you.

*Limitations to the Insurance Policy:

There is one exception - although free, our insurance does not cover deliberate damage. Any claim being made as a result of deliberate damage caused to the instrument will incur an excess charge of £50 per claim (reduced to the value of any replacement instrument if the replacement value is less than £50) - all other claims are have £0 excess.

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