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Leicester and Leicestershire Working Together

The draft strategic transport priorities document 2020-2050 has been prepared by Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council to outline high level priorities for the two Local Transport Authorities (LTAs). It highlights where the two authorities can work together to deliver common aims and objectives where transport plays a key role, including those in support of the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan (LLSGP) and of tackling the climate change emergency.

The document has been developed to align with wider local, regional and national priorities, such as addressing the impacts of climate change and delivering new homes and creating jobs. It is not intended to provide a detailed list of investment proposals or transport requirements and the LTAs will continue to prepare their own specific detailed plans and strategies that will set these out, but rather the document is intended as an agreed framework to identify common strategic priorities. Agreeing common priorities for the LTAs will be extremely useful in supporting future funding bids, providing a basis for stronger regional and national lobbying and demonstrates a commitment to securing value for money.

We are now consulting residents and stakeholders on the draft document.

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