Diversified Farming Enterprises, Leicestershire -  2019/2020
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By completing this survey and providing information on your financial position, performance and future plans, you will help us to support local farming businesses by identifying gaps in provision and helping us to inform policy making and prioritising the destination of local funding.

This is particularly important as current funding sources for businesses for which you are eligible as farmers to apply, come via the EAFRD and LEADER programmes, both of which are ending, as this funding comes from Europe.

New funding may be devolved via the Local Enterprise Partnerships, in the case of Leicestershire, the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP). Under the new UK Shared Prosperity Fund, the LLEP may well set local priorities for that funding. This survey will help identify local needs and priorities, and provide good evidence to the NFU as they lobby for such funding streams to be established.

The NFU are a key partner in the Leicestershire Rural Partnership (LRP) which acts as the rural arm of the LLEP, and will be keen to see as many responses as possible.

Thank you for your assistance. Your views are important to us.
Do not use the back button on your browser/device as you may lose your response. Use the buttons below to navigate the survey.
Please note: Your responses to the main part of the survey (including your comments) may be released to the general public in full under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Q1Location of Business (District/Local Authority Area):
Q2What best describes the size of your farm (based on estimated labour requirements)?

Standard Labour Requirement (SLR) is defined as the theoretical number of workers required each year to run a holding, based on cropping and livestock activities.
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