Reusable Nappy Lending Kit Request Form

Please note that Leicestershire residents (excluding Leicester City) are entitled to borrow a reusable nappy trial kit. If you have any queries you can telephone 0116 305 7005

Please complete the form below. We will use these details to put you in touch with a volunteer Reusable Nappy Advisor who will contact you as soon as possible.

Reusable Nappy Lending Scheme Terms & Conditions:
I understand that the Reusable Nappy Lending Kit (the Kit) will have a list of contents and will include ready to use nappies of different types together with wraps and liners.

I confirm that I wish to participate in the 4 week trial and agree to follow the guide and these Terms and Conditions.

I confirm that I will receive a copy of the County Council’s Care Instructions regarding the methods to care for the items in the reusable nappy Kit.

I will acknowledge receipt of the Kit and understand that the Council’s representative will explain the scheme to me in more detail and how to use the nappies and will also arrange a time and date for the return of the Kit.

I acknowledge that the Kit will at all times remain the property of the Council and must be returned to the Council at the end of the trial.  
I acknowledge and agree that if I fail to return the Kit or any part of it, or if the nappies are not properly washed then the Council may at its discretion demand payment from me of the reasonable cost of replacing the Kit or part of it up to a maximum sum of £100.  Such amount shall be due as a debt from me to the Council and payable within 28 days of receipt by me of an invoice from the Council.

I understand that by agreeing to these Terms & Conditions I agree that I will complete follow up evaluations from Leicestershire County Council at 1 month, 6 months and 12 months regarding what I have learnt by borrowing this kit. This will help the Waste Prevention and Recycling Team monitor the lending kit and improve its service.

The Council does not accept any liability for any nappy rash that may occur during or as a result of the trial.

Q8Please tick the box below if you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Reusable Nappy Lending Scheme
I consent to Leicestershire County Council:
Q9Processing and holding my personal details to provide the service requested.           
Q10Keeping me informed by e-mail of any other waste initiatives run by Leicestershire County Council.                                                                                             
You can withdraw your consent at any time by e-mailing
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