Share your views on funding for councils
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Leicestershire remains the lowest-funded county in the country. If it was funded at the same level as Surrey, it would be £104 million per year better off, or £350 million, compared to Camden. With budget pressures intensifying, we're stepping up our campaign for reform.

During August, we’re asking you to tell us what you think by completing this short survey - we’ll share your views with the government.

Please read the supporting information provided before completing the survey. Thank you for your assistance. Your views are important to us.

Please note: Your responses to the main part of the survey (Q1 to Q7, including your comments) may be released to the general public in full under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Any responses to the questions in the 'About you' section of the questionnaire will be held securely and will not be subject to release under Freedom of Information legislation, nor passed on to any third party.
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