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Co-Production for Adult Social Care

Listening, involving and working with people more

The Council is thinking about how it can work better with people who use services, their families, carers and local communities.
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Claire Cluer is the Co-Production Officer.

Co-Production is about making something together. It is understanding and using everyone’s skills and what they know to make adult social care services better.
We need a list of people we can contact to ask about things like:

  -   How we can give people more power
  -   Your lived experiences
  -   Coming to meetings to help design a service
  -   The best ways to support people
  -   Being part of staff interviews
  -   Supporting our procurement process. This means how and who the council has contracts with                  

Filling in this form means you agree:

  -   We can contact you
  -   We can keep your information safe to help us make sure we are working with lots of different people
  -   We can ask for your help, ideas or opinions
  -   You can choose if you want to help, give us your ideas or opinions, each time we ask

Contacting you

Data Protection
: Leicestershire County Council will keep your information safe. We will do what the Data Protection Laws say we must do to keep your information private.  If we think you, a child or a vulnerable adult are not safe, we might share information with others at the council who are in charge of keeping people safe. We call this safeguarding.

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